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Monster Eyes


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πŸ‘Ήβœ¨ Monster’s Gaze: Marvelous Beads Incarnate βœ¨πŸ‘Ή

Explore the Monster’s Gaze, where these unique-shaped beads resemble the eyes of monsters, brimming with mystery and fantasy. Each bead is like a peculiar monster’s pupil, allowing you to feel the mysterious charm of another world.

πŸ‘€ Mystical Gaze, Marvelous Beauty πŸ‘€ Monster’s Gaze beads come in a variety of unique eye shapes, and their mysterious beauty is captivating. Whether it’s the crimson pupils, vibrant rainbow irises, or deep black eyes, they all showcase the mystery and fantasy of the monster world.

πŸ’– Craft Your Monster Saga πŸ’– These Monster’s Gaze beads are perfect not only for beading but also for various crafting projects. According to your creativity and preferences, you can design your own Monster’s Gaze bead bracelets, earrings, or pendants, adding a unique charm to your style.

🌈 Colorful Adventures, Mix and Match 🌈 Monster’s Gaze beads offer a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing you to create unique styles for different occasions and moods. Whether pairing with a fresh summer outfit or adding a pop of color for autumn, Monster’s Gaze beads bring endless creativity and joy.

🎁 Unleash Imagination, Create Wonders 🎁 Monster’s Gaze beads mark the beginning of your journey to create wonders. Unleash your imagination, craft your own monster world. Let Monster’s Gaze beads accompany you, showcasing your unique charm, and creating your very own monster saga.


Note: Product specifications are subject to slight variations.

πŸ›’ Beads Only, Bracelet Cord Not Included πŸ›’ Please note that this package includes beads only. To complete your bracelet, we recommend providing your own bracelet cord or chain. This allows you the flexibility to choose a cord that suits your personal style and preference.


Lake Blue, Yellow, Fruit Green, Rose Red, Beige, Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Purple, Black, Light Blue, Random


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