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Halloween party


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🎃✨ Halloween Party Series Hand-painted Beads: Unique Enchanting Magic ✨🎃

Step into the mysterious world of Halloween and immerse yourself in its unique magical atmosphere. We present to you this Halloween Party Series hand-painted beads. Each bead has a diameter of 16mm and a hole diameter of 3mm, making it an ideal choice for creating unique accessories.

👻 Unique Halloween Charms 👻 These hand-painted beads are truly one-of-a-kind, each showcasing specially designed Halloween patterns, embodying mystery, joy, and blessings. Whether it’s a ghost face, pumpkin lantern, wizard hat, black cat, or bat, each pattern represents the magical charm of Halloween.

💫 Endless Creativity, Diverse Decorations 💫 These hand-painted beads can be strung into bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, and they can also serve as decorations for your phone. Let the unique charm of Halloween adorn your phone, showcasing your personality and preferences, infusing a magical atmosphere into your device.

🌈 Colorful Choices, Magical Mix and Match 🌈 The Halloween Party Series hand-painted beads offer a rich array of colors and patterns, allowing you to mix and match according to your phone’s color and style. They not only embellish your phone but also add a unique charm to your device.

🎁 Infinite Creativity, Shared Joy 🎁 These hand-painted beads are not only suitable for yourself but also perfect as a unique gift for your friends and family. Experience the magical atmosphere of Halloween with your loved ones, sharing laughter and blessings.

Let this Halloween Party Series hand-painted beads become a part of creating your magical world during this enchanting festive season. 🌟👻🎉

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Pink – Sausage-Mouth Clown, Pink – Three-Eyed Clown, Green – Dinosaur, Purple – Minion, Rose Red – Sticking Tongue Out Ghost, Black – Pumpkin, Yellow – Astronaut, Black – Doll, White – Doll, Rose Red – Smiling Ghost, White – Skull, Black – Skull, White – Bat, Black – White Ghost, White – Black Ghost, Pink – Ghost, Blue – Ghost, Purple – Black Cat, White – Spider, Black – Raised Hand Ghost, Black – Sticking Tongue Out Ghost, Black – Flying Ghost, Black – Laughing Ghost, Watermelon-Red – Pumpkin, Rose Red – Pumpkin, Black – Small-Eyed Pumpkin, White – Pumpkin


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